Moving on…boots were made for walking!

So in this past month and 2 days I have kissed not 1 but 2 guys. And technically in the same day…oppsy! Sorry not sorry. I work as a waitress and I am cute and got it going for me, so I can use that to get more in tips. Hehe. At the end of an outrageous dinner of glasses breaking and lovers being super affectionate at the table I gave my number to the cute guy who was attentive and sweet. We met up after and talked and got pizza, made out a little and texted the next day for a little when he returned to his home in the city. And I must say…mehhh. Next day I attended a concert and at the end stand next to this guy because he looks so familiar and was cute but besides the point haha. So eventually he starts talking to me…I was going to but the concert wasn’t exactly over yet sooo. Long story short agree to a date got number and make out. Because what else do you do when a cute guy asks you if you want to make out? Obviously you can’t say no. And he was drunk that night but regardless, great. So a week later and here I am finally writing about it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like this guy a little bit. I don’t know him all that well but he’s interesting and cute, and strong and tattooed and yes.

It gets better after a breakup. It takes time and countless replays of the same sad song playlists. You need to focus on you and be you again. Moving on is when you realize that the reason you miss Spain so much is because for the first time (then in 5 years) you were you again, you were that outgoing person, not the person you turned into while in this relationship.


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