Dating Girl

Went on my first date in the past seven years. What makes it a date? How is a date actually define? I went over to his apartment and had dessert first. Ayyyyy. Then he made me dinner. Like actually cooked real food. So I mean that’s hot. We had chicken parm and pasta. Then watched Fantastic Beasts and talked and cuddled and then second dessert. Best sex I had in my life, twice. Both times fantastic. But the issues is, I liked him before we even had sex and of course I like him so more after cause damn. But he informed me that his new years resolution is to stay single for a year. It is march he made that 3 months ago. How do you ask a girl out on a date and then inform her you want to be single. Like tells me he was talking/hanging out with a girl for 3 weeks, that’s dating. That is not being single. And he said he’s opinionated wait till I tell him mine. Lol. Awkward. I’m not the girl who falls for guys fast. I definitely am not the girl who sleeps with them on first dates, but I wanted him. I like his pineapple tattoos his corniness his body his face his piercings how he explains everything, everything. Is this a rebound like? That’d be sad if it was. But I do not think it is because he is extremely like my ex and I should run but I do not want to because I really like him. I like when we look at each other and just smile and laugh and I can’t help it, it feels good. FUCK. I gotta keep my guard up though because I was broken extremely broken but maybe this will be good because damn the sex is great and I think he is too. Lost is understatement of how I feel right now about this situation.

I arrived around 640pm. He showed me his apartment and we talked for about 10 minutes until his mouth met mine. We made out in his kitchen and slowly made our way to his room. Fast forward through all the hot action and we kinda just sat there after for at least 20 minutes. Boys are stupid. Like his stupid face that I want to kiss and look at. After we got up he made dinner and we talked while it cooked and ate and started the movie and talked during the first half. Then we cuddle and our bodies just fit together and to actually cuddle is great. To have that feeling of being held. Every time he would move his hand to a new spot on my body I’d tense up, in a good way type of deal. Eventually it leads to more sex and here I am sore, so sore the next day quite possibly bruised in places. During this time we missed the climax of the movie haha hilarious I know his joke, I can’t take credit. But boys are stupid. I wish mind control was a thing then he would just do what I want that makes me happy! I wish me luck in this whole process of whatever it is, lord knows I am going to need it. I’m just going with the flow!!


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