About last week…

So after the first date in 7 years thing the guy slowly stopped texting me last week. Then posted a snap story with a girl lolol. GUYS SUCK! I don’t even care. It was a good hook up and I deserve so much better. I am a princess and ought to be treated like one. Other side note, I keep scrolling through an ex, kinda it was short lived and in high school so does it really truly count? I really liked him back then and was super bummed when it ended, but he was a different person back then. But I scroll through his insta and I know he is single so when he comes home next from the Navy whenever that is I think I shall hit him up and see if he wants to get a drink!

Another bad note, my previously ex of 7 years changed his facebook status to in a relationship with new said bitch. I hate her. I hate(not) him. It hurts so bad that people are happy for him after he literally fucked me so hard. I had my best friend like it, so he knows I know that I know he knows that it made him upset that she did. That made me smile. It hurts again this week thinking about him. He was my everything and he ripped it all away. The new girl isn’t even as pretty as me and has no tits. So I guess I win there. Haha.  Welp I go to Mexico this week and I CANNOT wait.


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