Shots shots shots

So I just got back from Mexico City. I am sun burnt and tired. I had an interesting time, I went for research and my mom came with me. We visited Chapultepec, la casa Azul, Teotihuacan, la Basila de Guadalupe and I went to Dance Gavin Dance and Crown the Empire concert. While visiting the pyramids we went to a market before leaving and met a guy there Carlos who did a demonstration about the agave cactus. After we tried local liquor of Mexico, mezcal tequila etc.  Well, Carlos would pour my shots extra tall compared to everyone else. It was so nice to flirt with a random stranger who I will never see again.

Being single these past 6 weeks has been interesting. I find myself missing my ex at the weirdest moments. I mean it was 7 years, but then I find myself saying the most savagest of things. I do however enjoy flirting, it’s nice to feel wanted and attractive again though for sure. Breakups suck they take a toll on you mentally and makes you feel unwanted in so many ways, so take time and figure you out. Have fun and enjoy it. Talk to the random cute stranger next to you and just don’t look back.

PSA. I don’t drink, I had a marg and 5 shots that day I met Carlos. HAHA. And bought a bottle of Licor Nopal. I recommend it.


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