The complicated life of dating and talking to boys all over again. They kind suck, like a lot. They make your head all confused and emotions too. Like I feel so stupid for having feelings for this guy. Last night he informed me he doesn’t want a relationship and he’s shallow and all this shit, all this bullshit. He was all over the place in conversation last night I don’t think I have ever been more frustrated. Like we text every day for 2 weeks and snapchat going on an 8-day streak like he obviously likes me or he’s just alone at the school he is at for the Navy. Which is honestly terrifying. I don’t need to like someone for them to friend zone me after leading me on in ways. ugh. I hate dating, I don’t I just want to feel wanted and I don’t know where this guy is taking me on this ride.

I set my photo as chicken wings, because they don’t make you question everything.


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